New book 'Electric Boats and Ships' from Kevin Desmond

Electric Boats and Ships


New electric drive system for Stratford trip boat

Avon Boating have upgraded the control system on their Stratford-on-Avon based Edwardian launch
'Spray' to the Marlin 8 Marine Drive system provided by Lynch Motor Company to replace the original
elecric drive system with mechanical switch gear which has been in the boat for the last 20 years. 


Another boat in the Avon Boating fleet is being fitted out this winter
with a complete electric drive system using the Marlin 5 Drive system.


Electric water bus for the Kennett & Avon

The new Polish made electric water bus ‘Sir John Knill’ is set to operate on the Kennett & Avon canal
between Bathampton and Bath and will be operated by Jenkyn Knill who also operates the 1890
Gentleman's launch Lady Lena.  The new pontoon boat will have console stearing and a door
and a ramp on the port side for wheelchair access,   Power is via a Torqueedo 4kw outboard

Solar Boat crowdfunding appeal

The University of Exeter College of Engineering have launched the Solar Boat crowdfunding appeal to support student projects to build an electric boat. The College are looking to raise up to £2000 with a minimum of £1000, to enter the World Cup for solar powered boats. Please support this campaign by helping to put the word out. The crowd funding website is here:

Also follow on social media:   @uoesolarboat

Dutch Electric Hydrofoil

New Dutch boating company Edorado Marine has unveiled its first product,
an electric speedboat that floats above the water: details

Electric Boats - the Potential near You

Alongside the electric car, electric and hybrid electric boats are making a steady  and silent progress around the world. The German electric marine engine manufacturer Torqeedo has recently announced a total sales of 140,000 units, while the Californian boatbuilder Duffy has now sold over 40,000 electric boats worldwide. With inboards and outboards, nearly one quarter of a million electric boats are in private and public use.  Regular electric ferryboat services are in operation in seven French cities, 35 tourist boats in Amsterdam, Stockholm, Berlin, Venice, Sydney, Hong Kong, Kerala (India), Valdivia (Chile) and Chobe (Botswana) and even the Galapagos Islands. By 2020 only electric boats will be permitted on the Amsterdam canals and the Swiss lakes. Since the 1980's, the Electric Boat Association has been one of the main pioneers of electric boating - and to continue that impetus, there is still much to be done around the lakes, canals and rivers of the British Isles. We should like to invite you as a EBA member to help in this, by please forwarding this message to those who organise the transport and the environment in your locality, providing them with the website address of the EBA.

From our Chairman Jeff Hide with thanks for the international statistics to Kevin Desmond at home in France

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The Great Ouse Challenge

100.7 miles on one charge

The flotilla arriving at St Ives

Over the 2015 August Bank holiday weekend, Les Fidler of Westview Marina Earith achieved his personal challenge of cruising from Bedford to Denver Sluice (then the return trip to Earith), a distance of over 100 miles on one charge. Annie, Les and Elaine Fidler’s 27ft cruiser has solar panels fitted to the roof to assist charging but the weather for most of the weekend included torrential rain and very little sun to be seen.

Prof Stephen Gull’s boat Siren cruised the the length of the River Great Ouse under electric power accompanied over shorter stages by Nick and Yvonne Goldring’s Silent Adventure, and Cllr Ian Jackson’s Ripple. Les Fidler’s feat drew large crowds when passing through St Ives and a joyous, if noisy, welcome from the Town Crier.

Well done Les for demonstrating how far you can travel in an electric boat on one charge – and well done to Graham Fidler, who supported his father by kayaking the whole distance to keep him company – in spite of getting absolutely soaked on the Monday!

Annie, Les and Elaine Fidler’s 27ft cruiser

Oyez!, Oyez!, Oyez!

Les Fidler, St Ives mayor councillor Ian Jackson & town crier
Photo: Tom Rawlinson, St Ives Town Council.


At Denver Sluice - mission accomplished!
Photo: Jeff Hide

Gustave Trouvé (1839-1902)

French electrical genius & father of the electric boat

New book published by Founder Editor of Electric Boat News – Kevin Desmond.

Published by McFarland and Co. Inc.

UK's No 1 Romantic Experience

Mills and Boon vote the Lady Lena (the oldest electric boat still operating as a trip boat) Number One Romantic Experience in the U.K. more details

Solar Assisted Electric Boat

New business member Electric Marina based in Florida, shows the efficiency of a solar assisted electric boat Details

Secret Discount from Canal and River Trust

Canal and River Trust offer a 25% licence discount for electric boats but that is not made clear when you apply on line. We have queried this with CRT and they assure us the discount will be applied ‘by the office’ so we suggest you telephone CRT’s Licensing Office on 03030 4040401 when applying for a licence for an electrically propelled craft

Regeneration Under Sail

New video from hybrid electric marine propulsion specialist Hybrid-Marine

Click on this link to watch the video: regeneration under sail

Award for Hybrid Boats

The Electric Boat Association has been awarded the prestigious Mansura medal for its contribution towards the  promotion of hybrid power.


The Mansura Trophy

Turanor PlanetSolar futuristic "super yacht"

When PlanetSolar's lithium-ion batteries are full, the vessel can navigate for 72 hours in complete darkness!

The Swiss catamaran Turanor PlanetSolar is the first vessel to travel round the world using only the power of the sun. Leaving Monaco in September 2010 the boat followed a course close to the equator, with stopovers including Miami, Cancun, the Galapagos, Brisbane, Hong Kong, Bombay and Abu Dhabi – 28 countries in total. It arrived back in Monaco on 4th May 2012 after a journey of 58,308 kilometres (36,231 miles) and now holds five Guinness World Records: for the longest journey by a boat using solar power only, the first world circumnavigation by solar powered boat, the fastest crossing of the South China Sea by solar power, the fastest crossing of the Atlantic by solar power and for being the largest solar powered boat in the world.

The catamaran, built in Kiel in Germany, is 35 metres long with a beam of 15 metres and a displacement of 85 tonnes. Its upper surface is covered in 537 square metres of photovoltaic panels. Maximum engine power is 120 kW and average engine consumption is 20 kW (26.8 horsepower). Its design and construction includes many technological advances, especially in composite manufacturing and storage of solar energy. more details